Managing Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema with Myofitness

Managing Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema with Myofitness


Breast cancer-related lymphedema (BCRL) is a serious complication that can arise from breast cancer treatments. The risk of developing BCRL increases with extensive axillary surgery and radiation therapy, and other risk factors include obesity and infections. Reducing the extent of these surgeries and radiation exposure has been shown to lower the risk of BCRL.

A thorough multidisciplinary assessment at the time of diagnosis, early referral to physical therapy post-surgery, and patient education about weight management and skin care are crucial for managing early-stage lymphedema. For advanced lymphedema, referral to a specialist in lymphedema surgery may be necessary.

Lymphatic System Involvement

The lymphatic system is a key pathway for cancer cells to spread. The axillary lymph nodes are critical as they drain a significant portion of lymph from the breast area. Swelling in these nodes can occur due to cancer.

As tumors grow, they increase the pressure in surrounding tissues, causing fluid to move through the lymphatic system. Unlike blood vessels, lymphatic vessels are more permeable and have a slower flow rate, which can facilitate the spread of cancer cells. Understanding the involvement of lymph nodes is essential for prognosis and treatment planning.

Surgery, Radiation, and Chemotherapy Impact

Physiotherapy and Myofitness

At Myofitness, we focus on early identification and treatment of lymphedema to ensure the best outcomes. Our physical therapists collaborate with clients to manage lymphedema symptoms and improve quality of life. Our approach includes:

Encouraging Activity

We encourage our clients to maintain an active lifestyle, as research shows that physical activity does not increase the risk of lymphedema. In fact, resistance training is safe and can help prevent lymphedema.

Booking a Session at Myofitness

To effectively manage and treat lymphedema, consider booking a session at Myofitness. Our skilled therapists specialize in treating BCRL and can create personalized treatment plans to meet your needs. Whether you seek pain relief, improved mobility, or stress reduction, Myofitness offers a supportive environment to help you achieve your health goals.

For more information or to book a session, visit Myofitness and discover how our expert therapists can support your journey to better health and well-being.

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