Sports treatment

Sports Treatment

We have worked and continue to work with both elite and amateur sports teams including Carlton Football Club, professional soccer players, Olympians, The Australian College of Basketball and Arnold Classic Melbourne Bodybuilding Competitors.   

Our network with other professional sport clubs and athletes have enabled us to treat various types of sports injuries at different phases of recovery and rehabilitation.

Benefits of Myotherapy as an Athlete

Elizabeth Ruach the founder and CEO of Myofitness is a professional athlete herself and is very passionate about helping other athletes achieve their dreams and goals in their chosen sport.  Elizabeth also had a first hand experience of how beneficial myotherapy is in recovery between sessions and competitions to ensure her body can meet training demands.

Achieving goals at any level of a sport/competition is a combination of teamwork, with your coach/s, your myotherapist, physiologist, nutrients, sports doctor and most importantly your friends.  All of these professionals and friendship groups play an equally important role in achieving success.

Our practitioners have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology to determine a treatment plan.

We take precise history and perform a thorough assessment and postural analysis in order to determine exactly where the problem, tension and or injury is within the muscular system with the aim of eliminating the root cause, not just the symptoms.

Sports massage is designed to help athletes:

Playing or training on a regular basis can be very intense on your body and it is absolutely essential to take the necessary steps to recover between sessions.

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