Privacy Policies

Transparency and honesty is at the heart of everything we do. We will thoroughly walk you through all the steps taken to reach a diagnosis including the assessments required. We will then explain your condition and develop an individualised treatment plan. Your treatment plan will also outline exactly what you need to do outside of the
clinic such as corrective exercises as well as an estimated timeline of when you can expect to get better. 
If we need further investigating, we will refer you to the right person. We have a great network with other patient-centred
allied health professions we can refer you to. 

  • We collect information by fair and lawful means and collect only that information which may be necessary for purposes related to the provision/treatment you receive at myofitness.
  • At MyoFitness, we required at least 24 hours cancellation notice prior to the scheduled time. Non-attendance to a scheduled appointment will incur a $50 cancellation fee. Please note any patient who failed to attendant a scheduled appointment, will be required to pay in advance in order for us to reschedule or book in for any future subsequent appointments
  • Patients who arrive late to their appointment may receive a shorter treatment in an effort not to inconvenience other booked patients. 
  • Appointment confirmation: All patients will get a text and an email 24 hours before their appointment, please confirm your appointment when you get the text, otherwise we will give you a call to confirm, unconfirmed appointments will be cancelled. 

  • All new patients are required to book a standard appointment for their initial consultation. Please allocate 10 minutes prior to your initial consultation.


  • All payments must be made at the time of service. We accept cash, EFTPOS and credit card payments.
  • Health fund rebate can be claim at the time of your consultation. Please ensure your private health card is presented at each appointment. Patients who do not present their private health card will still pay the full amount and the rebate can be claimed via receipt.

The information we request from you is used for the purposes defined. We will seek your consent before using the information for purposes beyond the scope of the posted Privacy Statement. Under no circumstances do we sell patient lists or other personal information to third parties.

During your initial consultation we will begin with a conversation about your medical history including previous injuries and health conditions, your lifestyle habits including activities, environment and diet as well as about your existing pain and condition. The more information we gain from you, the better we’ll understand your pain and formulate an effective treatment plan.

The initial consultation also involves a Physical Examination which will include:

  • Range of Motion Testing
  • Postural Assessment
  • Neurological Testing
  • Active Palpation
  • Passive Palpation
The information we get from the physical examination plus the information you give us during the initial conversation will give us enough information to formulate a treatment plan which will outline the treatment services we will do for you as well as corrective exercises you will need to do at home. We will then thoroughly explain the treatment plan to you to ensure you understand your diagnosis and have a clear understanding of the road map to your recovering.
If we need further investigation into your condition, your Myotherapist will contact the appropriate person to look into your condition before your next appointment. You will also be informed beforehand if such action is taken.

Treatment may involve a combination of the following techniques:

  • Hands on myofascial release (Myotherapy)
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Muscle stretching
  • TENS therapy (if necessary)
  • Postural corrective exercises
  • Hot and Cold Therapy
  • Cupping
  • Shockwave

Please remember to bring/ email us any medical scans your might have

  • X-Ray
  • MRI
  • CAT scans
  • Blood tests
  • A list of your current medications.
  • Any other results you’ve gotten from doctors or other practitioners
  • You don’t need a referral letter but if you do have a referral letter please bring it.

Private health rebate can be claim via HICAPS in the clinic. Please bring your Private health card.

Please provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellations to MyoFitness. Non-attendance to a scheduled appointment will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

Please contact us on 9028 4087 if you would like to reschedule your appointment.

  • April 19, 2021
03 9028 4087