pronator syndrome treatment

Pronator Syndrome

Pronator Syndrome

What is Pronator Syndrome?

Pronator Syndrome is a rare compression of the median nerve at the elbow on the palm side of the forearm. The median nerve is one of the three nerves which supply sensory and motor function to the upper parts of the body. All peripheral nerves have different entrapment/ compression points but the symptoms often overlap. Any neural compression can lead to pain, numbness and weakness of the affected nerve root. And if left untreated it can lead to a loss of function of the area which the nerve controls/ innervates.


Pronator syndrome can have similar symptoms to that of carpal tunnel syndrome which is more common. These symptoms include,
  • Burning feeling
  • Loss of balance and strength
  • Muscle weakness Numbness
  • Pins and needles
If you suspect a nerve condition, please book an appointment and get it assessed. Most neural conditions usually just require the affected muscle/ the entrapment point to be released plus an individualised rehab program to get fully recover.

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