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Corrective Exercise Program

Corrective exercises address an individual’s specific physical and biochemical needs. Here at MyoFitness we assess and treat with the aim of eliminating the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. Therefore, corrective exercises are given as part of our treatment plan after we have determined the patient’s muscular imbalances, strengths and weaknesses, overactive or underactive muscles. Corrective Exercises can reduce susceptibility to injuries, correct biomechanical abnormalities and therefore improve performance.


Corrective exercise program is designed to help athletes:

  • Elicit the right muscles at the right time
  • Improve performance
  • Improve flexibility and mobility
  • Prevent injuries


Our Myotherapist has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology to determine a treatment plan.

We take precise history and perform a thorough assessment and postural analysis in order to determine exactly where the problem, tension and/or injury is located within the muscular system with the aim of eliminating the root cause, not just the symptoms.

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